Monday, 27 February 2017

Similes and adjectives

  1. Matai is as yellow as the burning sun. 
  2. Matai is as cheerful as tiny cheerleaders.
  3. Matia is as happy as a circus clown
  4. Matai is as loyal as Sam from Lord of the rings
  5. Matai is as Friendly as a welcoming committee
  6. Matai is as resilient  as a bear catching his food
  7. Matai is as independent as a man doing his job
  8. Matai is as helpful as a rugby coach
  9. Matai is as responsible as a president
  10. Matai is as respectful as a student greeting his teacher
WALT: Use similes and adjectives.

Reflection: this was hard because we had to think of a simile and a adjective in each simile.
Next time I could think faster.

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